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Tall Trees Profiles

Have you ever wondered why some relationships are plain sailing, while in others you feel like you are trapped in a storm? Do you understand why some people have the ability to turn you into a raging lunatic or leave you feeling like a complete failure? The easiest way may be to just ignore the people you don’t get along with, but that does not solve mystery/or stop the misery :), does it? 
Good news! Tall Trees ProfilesTM can help you with the answer! A new, affordable, proudly South African consumer-friendly measuring instrument is now available to help anyone from the age of 13 to 113 to build better relationships.
Tall Trees Profiles also provides an ideal measuring tool for the Corporate Environment, assisting with corporate leadership- and teambuilding; corporate wellness programmes; human resources; career guidelines; personal growth and development; relationship skills and conflict management.
Tall Trees Leadership ProfilesTM for adults are used with remarkable results in the following areas:  Personal growth; Leadership development; Teambuilding; Relationship therapy; Counselling; Schools (parents and teachers); Churches (church leadership and teambuilding).
 The Tall Trees Leadership ProfilesTM for students or teenagers are used for student development, profiling, school leadership, life orientation curriculum for learners 11 yrs and upwards, as well as for cultural diversity programmes.
 Our vision at Tall Trees ProfilesTM is to empower adults and teenagers to develop a bigger picture of who they are as individuals, as well as whom their family is and to grow in their relationships. We believe that there can be no leadership without relationship. By learning how to value yourself and others, you build better relationships and you become a better leader.
How does Tall Trees view leadership? The saying goes: “Tall Trees catch the most wind.” It is true! Leadership always comes with challenges and opposition. However, when the tree is positioned just right, it becomes supple and strong, shielding other trees and sending out its life-giving seeds on the wind. We believe that every kind of person, like every kind of tree, can be wonderfully life-giving when planted in the perfect spot. However, we do not believe that one type of person is more ideally suited for leadership than others, anymore than we believe that one tree is more ideally suited to standing in the wind. Every kind of person, like every kind of tree, can be wonderfully life-giving when planted in the perfect spot. Tall Trees ProfilesTM helps you to find your special place to be planted for greatness, and to learn the art of letting those around you do the same.
 “After all, leadership is the ability to know when to bow, when to stand tall and when to dance with others.” – Hettie Brittz
What makes Tall Trees unique? Tall Trees ProfilesTM has one definite advantage over other similar, non-South African personality profiles. It determines a three-dimensional Social-, Work- and Life View profile for each participant. Therefore, it offers a complete image of the functioning of a person and is able to predict areas for growth.

 To find your perfect spot where you can grow tall, please contact me for a Tall Trees ProfilesTM Workshop. Please email me at nanettetalltrees@gmail.com for more information regarding bookings and the costing models available