Tall Trees Training

  The reference to Tall Trees stems from the idiom that tall trees catch the most wind. Tall Trees equips each teenager and adult to become a tall tree that will remain standing even during the worst wind storm. Tall Trees is built on the following beliefs:

  1. 1. Everybody has been created as a unique individual according to an intelligent design.
  2. 2. Every person’s design is tied to a life purpose and life plan.
  3. 3. Relationships (with God and people) are everybody’s most important growth challenge.
  4. 4. The realisation of each individual’s potential starts with self-knowledge and understanding of others.
  5. 5. Everybody can be a leader by using their gifts in the right area, at the right time and in the right way.
  6. 6. Each individual’s unique combinations of temperaments supply us with a rich variety of information for personal growth.
  7. 7. Respect for every individual’s uniqueness and the acceptance of differences can bridge any gulf between people and cultures.